About Us

About Us


Please Sir ! Was founded in September 2020 by Steve Lawrence. His passion for culinary excellence and love for the smash burger was the inspiration behind creating a burger like no other.

What makes us unique & different to any other restaurant in the same arena is that we use 100% Rump steak for our patties. This is strangely uncommon; however, this is where the flavours are enhanced and the one bite legacy comes alive!

Featuring in Kent live, Eat Drink Sleep National Magazine and a nomination for a Taste of Kent award. We’re committed to changing the way consumers think about a Hamburger dining experience.

As each great customer experience is paramount to our business we only take orders via telephone as the service from phone call to the delivery needs to be impeccable, not just the first time, but every time!

With 5 star ratings across all platforms, the hype is real!
Are you ready for your “One Bite” revelation?

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